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“Be the change you want to see in the world”



Welcome! I am so glad to have you among my readers.


I am Marie-Astrid, passionate about all the riches that the world has to offer us.



Why did I create this blog?


My sensitivity to injustice led me to study law in France, my native country. As a jurist with experience in an NGO helping migrants in Malta, I share with you my thoughts and experience to make this world a little more human. I use my knowledge and experience to inform, open minds and fight against ignorance, which I believe is the source of prejudices, stereotypes and hatred towards others.

To abolish the borders in a certain way.

And to give a voice to those who do not have one.


You will find a section dedicated to migration and refugees, in which I intend to deconstruct prejudices about migration and offer another view on the subject. More globally, the section dedicated to intercultural relations and communication gives you some ideas on how to improve the relations between different cultures.


As a dreamer and idealist, I am well aware that my contribution is only a drop in the ocean, or rather, to use the legend of the hummingbird, a drop of water to extinguish the fire that ravages the forest. But I am doing my part.


So this blog is, in a way, a committed blog.


But not only.


I also share with you my passion for travel and foreign languages. These two passions are also, in the end, a way to cross borders.

I am very curious and interested in many different things. I like to learn, write, paint and do all kinds of manual activities, cook vegan food, be in contact with animals, spend time in nature and learn more about plants. This is what I share with you in my inspirations section.



Why “One World Beyond Borders”?


What a great name for a simple blog, you might say. I chose it to illustrate my ideal. A world united in its diversity, beyond the borders. A more tolerant world. A world where peace reigns. A better world. It’s about dreaming big to accomplish our part on our humble scale.





I am an SEO content writer (digital & print) and English/French translator.

Do you need a writer to promote your values and spread your messages?

I would be delighted to help you improve and optimize your online presence, as well as your print communication.

For further information, please check the Services page.



I wish you a good discovery and a good reading!




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