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  • How to learn Spanish with Instagram? Top Instagram accounts for learning Spanish and tips.

    Learn Spanish with Instagram

    Do you want to learn Spanish for free while having fun? Instagram seems to be a good tool to do so. It’s a fact: we spend a certain amount of time (too much time?) scrolling on Instagram. What if you stopped wandering aimlessly and getting caught up by its algorithm? Use the time you spend on Instagram to improve your Spanish! That’s what I did a while ago. Instagram helped me improve my Spanish for free.   In this article, I present you the best Instagram accounts to follow for learning Spanish. Admittedly, Instagram is not enough to learn Spanish. But, if you follow my advice, using this social media…

  • Duolingo learn a language for free - Many faces of Duo

    My Review of Duolingo, the Application to Learn a Language for Free

    Does Duolingo really help you learn a language? If you are learning a foreign language, you have probably already heard of the Duolingo application. It is a very popular app for learning English, French, Spanish and other languages for free. But is this application really the best method for learning foreign languages, as it promises? That’s what we are going to see in this article. I’m going to tell you about my experience with Duolingo, and then present the pros and cons of this application.     My language learning experience with Duolingo   When I started learning foreign languages on my own, I looked at the resources I could…

  • Computer sitting on a table outside, displaying "Online language course - Learn any language from home!"

    How I Learn Foreign Languages On My Own

    Broadening my horizons, traveling, discovering other cultures, communicating with people from elsewhere. Here are some of the reasons that pushed me to learn and improve foreign languages, beyond the language courses I took during my schooling. Thus, I am perfecting my English and Spanish, and I am starting to learn Italian and Arabic. I’m going to explain to you the learning methods and tricks I use to learn languages on my own.     Have a real motivation   First of all, it is crucial to have a real motivation to learn a foreign language, especially when learning it on your own. It is not about learning it just because…