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    10 Things I Wished I Knew Before Moving to Malta

    As an expatriate in Malta, there are things I wished I knew before I took the plunge. I originally left for a three-month internship, but I actually stayed in Malta for several years. I learnt a lot of things about the country that I wished I knew before moving to Malta. Travelling to a country for a few days is one thing, living there all year round is another. The reality is sometimes different from the idea you have of a destination. Before leaving, I had of course done some research on the country. But that is not enough. Some things can only be learned through experience, and that’s what…

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    Living Abroad: Experiencing Culture Shock

    “When you arrive in a city, you see streets in perspective. A series of buildings without meaning. Everything is unknown, blank. Later on, you will have walked along these streets, you will have been to the end of the perspectives, you will have known these buildings, you will have lived stories with people. When you will have lived in this city, you will have taken this street ten, twenty, a thousand times. At the end of the day, it belongs to you because you have lived there.” L’Auberge espagnole (Pot Luck / The Spanish Apartment), Xavier.     The art of being a foreigner abroad and in your own country…