• Flag of Ukraine and symbol of peace for refugees
    Migrations and refugees

    Can we treat refugees differently depending on their origin? (War in Ukraine)

    The war in Ukraine has led many Ukrainians to flee their country and seek asylum in Europe, in order to be recognised as refugees. They have generally been well received in European countries. I am very happy about this.   But at the same time, I wonder why not all refugees receive such a warm welcome? It seems that refugees are treated differently depending on their origin.   It took me some time to speak out on the subject of the war in Ukraine. This appalling situation left me speechless. I also hesitated before publishing this article because it is a hot topic and can be controversial. But then I…

  • Basic material needs of human beings : food, shelter, clothing, health care
    Migrations and refugees

    What Are the Basic Material Needs of Human Beings?

    You may have already heard about the basic needs of human beings, notably through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is a subject that can be found in the fields of psychology and personal development. It is indeed important to become aware of one’s basic needs in order to develop oneself. But before we thrive, we must satisfy our basic material needs: food, shelter, clothing and health care. But are these needs fundamental rights? That’s all we are going to see in this article!     Basic needs, from personal growth to human rights   What is a need?   A need is a total or partial lack of something fundamental…