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  • My top 10 vegan dishes from around the world
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    My Top 10 Vegan Dishes from Around the World

    For some time, the global pandemic has not allowed us to travel as we wish to. So I’ve been looking for ways to escape my daily life and travel a little bit in other ways, such as learning foreign languages (although this passion is much older than the pandemic) or world cuisine. Travelling is also about the taste buds.   In this article, I’m presenting my top 10 vegan dishes from around the world. Why vegan? I am a vegetarian with a strong vegan tendency, for several reasons (which I will perhaps detail in a future article). Being interested in the vegan specialities of certain countries also allows you to…

  • My watercolour art and supplies

    And Then I (Re)started Watercolour Painting

    “A watercolour is not a story, it is the translation of a sensation, a memory, a state of mind.” Hugo Pratt     Starting watercolour is a good way to relax and dream. Soft colours. Fusions that invite you to let go. A light painting equipment that makes nomadic practice particularly easy. Just grab the brush and let yourself be carried away on a journey to the heart of your imagination. Fascinated by this medium, I started watercolour a year and a half ago. Come and join me on my creative adventure in the land of watercolour.     My first steps in watercolour   As a child, like many…

  • Readings #1 - "The Amazing Story of the Man Who Cycled From India to Europe for Love"

    Readings #1 – The Amazing Story of the Man Who Cycled From India to Europe for Love

      ~ The Amazing Story of the Man Who Cycled From India to Europe for Love ~ Per J. Andersson     Summary   “You will marry a girl who will not come from this ethnic group, nor from this village, nor from this province, nor even from this country.” This prophecy, Pikej, a young Indian born in a family of the Dalit caste, has been repeating it to himself all his life. When he meets Lotta, a Swedish woman on a trip, at the foot of a fountain in New Delhi, the young street artist is sure: it’s her. The girl of the prophecy. He can’t afford the trip to…

  • Road with arrow and sign saying "A better world"
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    I Dream of a Better World

    “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs     Utopia. I discovered this concept and this literary genre during my school years, as a teenager. It immediately captivated the idealist and dreamer in me. Originally, “utopia” means “(which is) in no place”. By extension, a utopia is considered an ideal that is deemed unattainable.   I dream of a better world. From the start, this dream sounds like a sweet utopia. People will blame me for not being down-to-earth, for being unrealistic. We live in a world where idealism and utopia are equated with naivety.   And…