• How to learn Spanish with Instagram? Top Instagram accounts for learning Spanish and tips.

    Learn Spanish with Instagram

    Do you want to learn Spanish for free while having fun? Instagram seems to be a good tool to do so. It’s a fact: we spend a certain amount of time (too much time?) scrolling on Instagram. What if you stopped wandering aimlessly and getting caught up by its algorithm? Use the time you spend on Instagram to improve your Spanish! That’s what I did a while ago. Instagram helped me improve my Spanish for free.   In this article, I present you the best Instagram accounts to follow for learning Spanish. Admittedly, Instagram is not enough to learn Spanish. But, if you follow my advice, using this social media…

  • 10 Things I Wished I Knew Before Moving to Malta - Marsaxlokk harbour
    Expat life

    10 Things I Wished I Knew Before Moving to Malta

    As an expatriate in Malta, there are things I wished I knew before I took the plunge. I originally left for a three-month internship, but I actually stayed in Malta for several years. I learnt a lot of things about the country that I wished I knew before moving to Malta. Travelling to a country for a few days is one thing, living there all year round is another. The reality is sometimes different from the idea you have of a destination. Before leaving, I had of course done some research on the country. But that is not enough. Some things can only be learned through experience, and that’s what…

  • Climate and Weather in Malta - Blue Grotto

    When is the Best Time to Visit Malta? Climate and Weather

    Under the Maltese sun… You’ve heard about the Maltese archipelago, bathed in the Mediterranean Sea, and you already see yourself there. But one question remains: what is the best season to go to Malta? Mediterranean climate, lots of sunshine. The Maltese archipelago is known to offer over 300 days of sunshine a year. Did you say idyllic? No, not always. The reality is a little more nuanced. Don’t expect to be lounging on the beach all year round! The weather in Malta is not always as mild as it seems. I’ve been living in Malta for over four years and I can tell you one thing: behind the rosy picture…

  • Flag of Ukraine and symbol of peace for refugees
    Migrations and refugees

    Can we treat refugees differently depending on their origin? (War in Ukraine)

    The war in Ukraine has led many Ukrainians to flee their country and seek asylum in Europe, in order to be recognised as refugees. They have generally been well received in European countries. I am very happy about this.   But at the same time, I wonder why not all refugees receive such a warm welcome? It seems that refugees are treated differently depending on their origin.   It took me some time to speak out on the subject of the war in Ukraine. This appalling situation left me speechless. I also hesitated before publishing this article because it is a hot topic and can be controversial. But then I…

  • Duolingo learn a language for free - Many faces of Duo

    My Review of Duolingo, the Application to Learn a Language for Free

    Does Duolingo really help you learn a language? If you are learning a foreign language, you have probably already heard of the Duolingo application. It is a very popular app for learning English, French, Spanish and other languages for free. But is this application really the best method for learning foreign languages, as it promises? That’s what we are going to see in this article. I’m going to tell you about my experience with Duolingo, and then present the pros and cons of this application.     My language learning experience with Duolingo   When I started learning foreign languages on my own, I looked at the resources I could…

  • Basic material needs of human beings : food, shelter, clothing, health care
    Migrations and refugees

    What Are the Basic Material Needs of Human Beings?

    You may have already heard about the basic needs of human beings, notably through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is a subject that can be found in the fields of psychology and personal development. It is indeed important to become aware of one’s basic needs in order to develop oneself. But before we thrive, we must satisfy our basic material needs: food, shelter, clothing and health care. But are these needs fundamental rights? That’s all we are going to see in this article!     Basic needs, from personal growth to human rights   What is a need?   A need is a total or partial lack of something fundamental…

  • Visit Malta - What to do in Malta in one week? My must-sees

    What to Do in Malta in One Week? My Must-Sees

    Do you want to visit Malta? Malta is a small island state located south of Sicily. It has a lot of treasures to be discovered. Old stones, turquoise waters, Mediterranean culture, cosmopolitan atmosphere… there is something for everyone. Malta is part of the European Union, so it is very easy to get there if you are in Europe. The archipelago has a rich cultural heritage, shaped by the various powers that ruled over Malta in the past (notably the Phoenicians, the Arabs, the Normans, the Order of St John of Jerusalem, the French, the British). Moreover, with over 300 days of sunshine a year, Malta can be visited almost all…

  • My top 10 vegan dishes from around the world
    Inspirations,  Travels

    My Top 10 Vegan Dishes from Around the World

    For some time, the global pandemic has not allowed us to travel as we wish to. So I’ve been looking for ways to escape my daily life and travel a little bit in other ways, such as learning foreign languages (although this passion is much older than the pandemic) or world cuisine. Travelling is also about the taste buds.   In this article, I’m presenting my top 10 vegan dishes from around the world. Why vegan? I am a vegetarian with a strong vegan tendency, for several reasons (which I will perhaps detail in a future article). Being interested in the vegan specialities of certain countries also allows you to…

  • Small van with suitcases - living abroad - expatriate
    Expat life,  Interculturality,  Migrations and refugees

    Living Abroad: Experiencing Culture Shock

    “When you arrive in a city, you see streets in perspective. A series of buildings without meaning. Everything is unknown, blank. Later on, you will have walked along these streets, you will have been to the end of the perspectives, you will have known these buildings, you will have lived stories with people. When you will have lived in this city, you will have taken this street ten, twenty, a thousand times. At the end of the day, it belongs to you because you have lived there.” L’Auberge espagnole (Pot Luck / The Spanish Apartment), Xavier.     The art of being a foreigner abroad and in your own country…

  • Integration of migrants - acculturation strategies
    Interculturality,  Migrations and refugees

    What Is the Integration of Migrants? – Acculturation Strategies

    The “integration” of migrants. Here is an expression we hear almost everywhere. Initially a sociological phenomenon, it has become a commonplace. It is sometimes used indiscriminately in the media and in political discourse. Overused. Emptied of its meaning.   Integration. It is one of the issues that come up most often when we talk about migration. This is the mission of the Maltese NGO in which I was involved for some time. Its mission is reflected in its own name: Integra Foundation.     Public opinion seems to agree that the “migrant” must “integrate”, whether it is “pro” or “anti” migration. But, in the end, what is integration? Is it…